Monday, October 17, 2016


{H&M striped ribbed top and leather skirt, Uniqlo down coat and beanie, Lower East Side booties}

Around this time last year, I was randomly wishing that I can go to London in December to check out the Yule Ball in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and to catch the finale of X Factor. You can just imagine my sheer and utter excitement when I found out I was going! Of course I had to go watch X Factor live. If I can, I mean. I mentioned here that I got a General Ticket but it didn't guarantee entrance, so Day 2 of our London trip was dedicated to making sure we get to watch live. Yeah, we pretty much burnt the entire 2nd day, but hey, Luke and I watched that season religiously and we really liked the remaining contestants too. So this is how our day went:-

Starting the day hopeful and all smiles

Waiting by the bus stop near our flat to go to a tube station (I forgot where exactly, but it was far!) Seriously, our Airbnb was so convenient. The bus stop was just a few steps away and it linked us to so many places!

Several bus stops and tube stops later, we've reached our stop: WEMBLEY PARK!

Okay, I honestly thought that the show would be at Wembley Stadium. It was for the finale lang pala! The "regular" shows were actually held at FOUNTAIN STUDIOS. Good job, Reg. You almost waited at the wrong place, haha!

Sunday, October 9, 2016



I know, I know. I haven't been updating. Things have been really busy at work lately and whenever I get home, all I wanna do is just plop in bed, watch my TV series or read a book. Basically rest my brain from producing any output. But the past weeks, I've been taking my work home too.  I don't want this lack of creative output to continue. I need things on my blog or else I'll feel bad about myself later on (hehe!), so it's time for me to finallyyyy post photos from our London trip last December 2015. I know, I know. Ang tagal na. But hey, I've never posted them online before. Plus, at least it's October and maybe you'll get ideas if you're planning to visit the UK some time soon? My next 7 posts will be reeeeally photo heavy, I'll be sharing with you sights we visited and the food we ate. All of it. If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them too.  So, let's start shall we?

Luke and I flew direct on British Airways from Changi to Heathrow. If you're flying on BA, always remember to check Business Life. It's a publication by BA, but it's not always readily available in your seat pockets. The first time I read it, it was, but subsequently, you have to get it from the shelf or ask a copy from the flight attendant. It's always a good read. But if that's not really your thing, knock yourself out with the in flight entertainment. I like checking out the foreign films selection on long haul flights coz you never know what gem you'll stumble into. I know it seemed artsy the way I said it, foreign films selection, but in reality, it's more of feel good romcoms set in picture pretty locations.

Hello, Heathrow!! We arrived around 5:30 am and it was so nice to step out of the airport and just feel the rush of cold air. We were definitely not in Singapore anymore. It was a much welcomed crisp chill (although soon enough, we hurried back in to arrange our train for the city). 

This is the Heathrow Express on its way to Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express can get a bit tricky. Ask, ask, ask It's also probably best if you ask people who work there rather than random travelers who may give out the wrong info.

Luke probably wondering why someone would like to take pictures at this ungodly hour after taking a long ass flight. He may or may not be also judging me at this point.

Mood when this picture was taken: Yay, I'm in London!!! I'm finally gonna be able to explore it properly!!! I'm so tired but whatever, I'm in Londonnnn!

Candy coloured clouds during dawn at Notting Hill. NOTTING HILL!!!


The door to our Notting Hill Airbnb apartment aka: our home for the next 8 days. The moment I saw this flat on Airbnb, I fell in love with it. It had 3 flights of stairs but it was worth it. Remember my apartment daydreams? This falls right into it.

Sunday, September 18, 2016



Sooo.. I watched Sully with my dad and siblings today last Monday (goes to show how long this has been in my drafts, haha!). To be honest, I went in actually thinking it might be a bleh movie. I mean, we all know what happened (has it really been 7 years?!), there's no denying that it's amazing (I still remember reading the article the first time the news broke out and being so impressed), but does it *really* warrant a whole entire movie? I know some people found it boring (hi Luigi!), but I thought it was a nicely made movie. No spoilers or anything - I mean, duh, can there really be spoilers for this film?! - but I came out of the cinema glad I watched it.

Here are 10 honest reactions on and realizations from the film:
(Warning- my friends call me a ditz sometimes.  Hahaha)

1. Ohmygod! It's Mike O'Malley from Global Guts!!
Wait a sec, why's he being so mean!? 

2. Sometimes, doing your job will make you look like a dick.
The movie's main antagonist was the NTSB, but when you think of it, they're just doing their jobs - same way that Captain Sully was doing his. 

3. I hope I won't ever experience a plane crash an emergency landing!
The scene when the plane was descending had my heart race - it felt too real for me. As much as possible, I don't entertain thoughts of plane crashes - especially when I'm on board - because I take The Secret seriously and acknowledge how thoughts can shape reality. That said, I should probably rephrase the above statement to: may all my flights be safe and uneventful.

4. 10,000 hours and the importance of expertise.
Ooh, classic Gladwell example! Expertise lets decision making in tasks become second nature to you.  208 seconds. I don't think it would've been possible if it weren't for his 40 years experience (oy, it's not a spoiler, this was mentioned in the trailer, haha!) Things will always fall into place, but it's often hard work that will facilitate this.

5. Oooh, Herman Miller chairs! 
I wonder if the real NTSB trials had Herman Miller chairs. Grabeeee! Or maybe those aren't even Aerons? Hmm. Anyway. I wonder what it's like to go, "okay, let's buy a thousand dollar chair". 

6. On what it is to be captain.
"Captain" or whatever designation for that matter, isn't just a shiny title you wear for climbing up the ranks. Yes, it's a reflection of where you've been and what you've done, but it is also an indication of your amount of responsibility to your team and those you serve. You have to make critical decisions, and sometimes, you even do so without full certainty that it will work out. But you do it coz you have to. And when you do, you make sure to check on the people around you.

7. Ang tanda na pala ni Tom Hanks. 
I mean, obviously there was hair and make up done to look like the really Sully. But think of it, he's 60 na! And he's actually a really good actor in the sense that whenever you watch him, you think of him as the character and not as Tom Hanks. Sully, Forrest Gump, NY152, that guy from Apollo 13. They're all different people that just happen to look alike, haha!

8. God, I love New York!!!
Would this feat have been possible in any city other than New York?! ANG GALING!

9. The importance of putting faces to numbers.
Shortly after the Ampatuan massacre, I was in class in SecB105 when it hit me - if the 58 victims occupied a chair each, it would mean majority of the room. SHIT. It's easy to get caught up with the "simplicity" of a number that we forget these are actual people we're talking about. And their lives are connected to so much more lives. The movie may not have focused on the individual stories of the 155, but the care that Captain Sully put in it is a stark reminder that, in line of recent events here and around the world, we have to look beyond the number.

10. Wait, Aaron Eckhart was there?! 
I recognized Mike O'Malley but I didn't recognize Aaron Eckhart!!! Lesson learned, take away someone's hair, they'll still look the same. Add a moustache? Totally different person. Hahaha just kidding! I just spent too much afternoons watching Global Guts after school as a kid.

Anyway, Bridget Jones' Baby is out now! Really looking forward to watching it! Can you believe I only watched it around November last year?! I only did so because I wanted to feel the Brit spirit before flying to London. I was seriously hooked, man! Can't wait to find out what she's been up to.   And also, I heard that I must see Train to Busan. HAHA! God, I can't believe it's already Sunday!!! I feel like there's still so much to be done and so much rest to be caught. I should prolly stop babbling now and just post this entry, hehe!

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